Deniz Sehovic
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lifestyle/fitness coach

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Hi, there!

My name’s Deniz - and I’m here to show you exactly HOW you can become the very best version of yourself… from the inside out.

By digging deep, committing to a daily routine + establishing simple habits we’re going to tap into the power you’ve always held to live a life you’re proud of on every level: PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PROFESSIONALLY - whatever goal you set, we’ll achieve it together.

My 3 Guiding Beliefs:

  1. Life isn’t about ‘finding yourself’ - it’s about CREATING yourself.

  2. We have the innate POWER to change our lives for the best - if we CHOOSE to do so.

  3. Social media can be used as a place for GOOD, VALUE + SUPPORT - once we change it.

I whole-heartedly believe in these truths - and I truly aim to help you make real, positive + lasting change by adopting habits, mindsets and practices that will allow you to live the life you've always dreamed of. It's 100% possible, you are worthy and you can do this...

What makes me an expert on any of this? 

  • 7+ years working in the field of social media holding every position from intern to director.

  • 8+ years volunteering / mentoring students from the ages of 15 - 25 as a youth ambassador, Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader and Career Peer Mentor. 

  • Cast member on Outside TV + DreamJobbing’s 2017 ESCAPE: A Digital Detox in Thailand.

  • Active profiles on almost every major online platform since the 8th grade (Myspace, anyone?)

Now, let's get you started with the right steps - click below: