Alright, let's break it down...

Roughly 40% of all daily human activities are habits - but is your daily routine genuinely serving you?  How truly fulfilled are you with your:

  • Relationship with yourself, others & own personal growth?

  • Health, fitness / nutrition & positive body image?

  • Support system, online community & high value from social media?

What’s up with the focus on social media?

The average person commits virtually 2 hours a day on social media - that's more than...


...of your life spent stalking ‘friends’ on Facebook, scrolling through #Insta feeds and following the most rant-worthy celebs on Twitter.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with switching SnapChat filters on your daily story - but the truth is:

the amount of time (+ energy) we spend on #social media versus the value we get from it is COMPLETELY UNBALANCED.

I believe this is especially true for two groups: Millennials (born mid-1990s to the early-2000s) + Gen Z (directly after millennials, y’all grew up with technology from the time you knew how to say ‘Hulu’).

As active internet users, I want us to change what isn’t serving us. If we want “social” media to be a force for SOCIAL good - a place for positivity, honesty, learning, value and support - then we have to create that space for ourselves. 

What makes me an expert on the effect of #social on millennials?

Since I can remember - I’ve looked up to the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Karena & Katrina (Tone It Up) - etc....... wanted to be a ‘life coach’. For a long time I didn’t quite know what that meant - or-4.png
  • 7+ years working in the field of social media holding every position from intern to director.

  • 8+ years volunteering / mentoring students from the ages of 15 - 25 as a youth ambassador, Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader, Career Peer Mentor… oh, and friend  😉

  • Cast member on Outside TV + DreamJobbing’s 2017 ESCAPE: A Digital Detox in Thailand.

  • Active profiles on almost every major online platform since the 8th grade (Myspace, anyone?)

Full Disclosure: I don’t promise to have ALL the answers - but I do promise this: if I don’t know - someone else does. This world is teeming with big hearts, bright minds + incredible insight - spanning age, gender, industry, experience, culture etc. --- and with the power of this thing called THE INTERNET - we’ll track down the solution, together.

Now, let’s get to it - shall we?