Deniz Šehović
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Habits = Happiness

Roughly 40% of all daily human activities are habits -

...but, is your daily routine genuinely serving you? 

How truly fulfilled are you with your:

  • Relationship with yourself, others & own personal growth? 

  • Health, fitness / nutrition & positive body image?

  • Support system, online community & high value from social media?

Habits are 100% in our control! 

Together we can change anything that isn't allowing you to live life to the absolute fullest - as the most authentic, powerful & happiest YOU. 




"Deniz supports people in developing real confidence. She guides them to dig deeper, honestly identify what isn't serving them in their life and take the steps they need to change it - while always reminding them of their own power."

- Hannah R.




"What allows her to get to know others so well is a genuine level of commitment to them. She's always 100% engaged with and focused on you, your past habits, your goals... Sometimes I think she's better at understanding me than I am!"

- Kelsey J.



"She has this amazing ability to see the best in people - and then guide them to see it in themselves. Every conversation always ends on a spirit of hope & certainty."

- Mrinal A.