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If you lived the life of your dreams - what would it look like?

Who would you be? How would you feel when you woke up in the morning? What kind of impact would you have on others throughout the day? Heck - which outfits would you rock?!?

Hi, there!

My name’s Deniz - and I’m here to help you answer those questions (ok, maybe not that last one) and many others by showing you exactly how you can become the very best version of yourself… from the inside, out. By digging deep, committing to a daily routine + establishing simple, good-for-you habits we’re going to tap into the power you’ve always held to live a life you’re proud of on every level: physically, emotionally, socially - whatever goal you set, we’ll achieve it together.

Did you know? Only 10% of us will take the steps needed to make proactive change?

Just by being on this site - you’re already ahead of the game! Go on, give yourself a fist-bump... 👊🏼

Now consider this: we spend so much time, energy + effort on all of these things that take up huge amounts of space in our mind, our heart and our day. Everything from jobs and Netflix addictions, to relationships (both positive / negative) and daily to-do lists. But no matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing -- can you name the one constant that will always be there?

Mhmm… that’s right: it’s YOU.

Before we dive deeper into exactly why you’re here - let me quickly share with you my own journey:

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What are YOU waiting for?

After consoling family / friends, I filled two suitcases (one full of my favorite ‘self-help’ reads, the other filled with shoes...) and booked myself a one-way ticket from Vermont to good ole’ San Francisco! Here, in a bigger city with more opportunity (+ gluten-free ramen) - I could fully commit to making this ‘dream’ a reality - because if you’re not following your dreams in this life, what are you doing?

Look, I’m not saying you have to pack up and move to the West Coast to make a difference in your life. Nor am I here to post cute Instagram graphics (although I do love a good #MotivationMonday) and call it a day. I created this site to offer you powerful solutions to change your life: but you've got to get clear, brave and fully commit yourself to change!

Millennial Mentor: 

What makes me an expert on the effect of #social media on millennials? 

  • 7+ years working in the field of social media holding every position from intern to director.

  • 8+ years volunteering / mentoring students from the ages of 15 - 25 as a youth ambassador, Resident Advisor, Orientation Leader and Career Peer Mentor. 

  • Cast member on Outside TV + DreamJobbing’s 2017 ESCAPE: A Digital Detox in Thailand.

  • Active profiles on almost every major online platform since the 8th grade (Myspace, anyone?)

Since I can remember - I’ve looked up to the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Karena & Katrina (Tone It Up) - etc....... wanted to be a ‘life coach’. For a long time I didn’t quite know what that meant - or.png

My 3 Guiding Beliefs:

  1. Life isn’t about ‘finding yourself’ - it’s about CREATING yourself.

  2. We have the innate POWER to change our lives for the best - if we CHOOSE to do so.

  3. Social media can be used as a place for GOOD, VALUE + SUPPORT - once we change it.

I whole-heartedly believe in these truths - and I truly aim to help you make real, positive + lasting change by adopting habits, mindsets and practices that will allow you to live the life you've always dreamed of. It's 100% possible, you are worthy and you can do this...

Now, let's get you started with the right steps - click below: