self-care studio

“So, what’s the deal?'“

The Self-Care Studio isn’t just about ‘getting abs’ or only eating bland chicken breast.

This space was created to focus on overall wellness, self love, confidence, and community!

Check out more details below and if this seems like something you crave in your life -

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evolving 12 month fitness routine!

You’ll get access to a WHOLE YEAR of workouts on Demand that you can stream anywhere like Netflix! Whether you’re working out in your apartment, hitting the gym or traveling - these programs (led by some of the best trainers in fitness) will be perfectly customized to your goals, your schedule and YOUR gorgeous bod!

You’ll also get a 30-day supply of super-food shakes and/or supplements that’ll help you curb cravings, boost energy levels and promote recovery in those muscles… SCORE.



A simple, clean eating nutrition plan!

There’s a super common misconception about healthy eating out there that I want to smash right away...

“Healthy eating is hard, time consuming, boring and restrictive (#hangry).”

Sorry sister, but that just ain’t the truth… NOT here.

You’ll be following a SIMPLIFIED clean eating nutrition plan custom to you and your goals, learning about proper portion control and creating meals that are absolutely drool-worthy! That means easy-to-follow recipes, grocery lists and resources to keep things fresh — and delicious. No calorie or macro counting needed!


Support, ACCOUNTABILITY & Guidance!

Did you know that 70% of the Americans are still overweight or obese, and that 92% of the population NEVER ACHIEVES THEIR GOALS?


Studies have show that the BIGGEST factor in habit development (or making new routines stick) - is ACCOUNTABILITY.

That’s why you’ll check daily into a private app where other equally as awesome (but busy!) women are working towards their goals, sharing their struggles (#noshame) and cheering on one another’s growth!

*Please do not inquire if you are a coach or already work closely with a coach.*

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