💩 5 Ways to Feel Better RIGHT NOW!

Get out of your 'funk' - ASAP!

  1. Write Down 3 Things You Love About Yourself (in third person): When we’re down, we have to learn to TALK to ourselves instead of just listening to the constant, often negative, chatter inside our brains... Struggling to find something nice to say about yourself? Phone a friend!

  2. Change Your Environment: Get up and remove yourself from the physical space... this can mean going on a walk, moving to a different part of the house or even catching that movie you've been wanting to see. It’s MUCH harder to remove a bad emotion / vibe when your body is stuck in the same spot!

  3. Go Out into Nature: Go outside, people! When was the last time you went on a hike, and felt like crap the whole time? NEVER! Nature has a healing effect on our souls - because it brings us back to the basics. Take advantage of it!

  4. Ask Someone How YOU Can Help: There's no faster way to get out of your funk then to help someone else get out of theirs! In a world where a like is the easy way out and donating money is just a click away - actually making the effort to BE a positive light in someone’s day, helps to drive out the darkness in your own.

  5. Write a Letter to a Friend: A letter lets us take the time to think and express ourselves without needing immediate validation… plus it feels good to put something down on paper and it feels GREAT to share appreciation for someone we love!

Remember - HABITS are 100% in OUR control!  Together we can change anything that isn't allowing you to live life to the absolute fullest - as the most authentic, powerful & happiest YOU. 

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