🥞 How to Get What You REALLY Want (Goal-Setting)

 3 Ways to Get What You REALLY Want:

  1. Set goals that are specific + challenging (but not 'too' hard...)

    Research by Edwin Locke and Gary Latham found that when people followed these two principles -- setting specific and challenging goals -- it led to higher performance 90 percent of the time.

    Think about about the universe as a popular local brunch spot (Mirabelles in Burlington, anyone?) and your goal as a meal. If you were to just put in an order for ‘breakfast’ - you could end up with anything from key lime french toast to a tofu scram and who knows whether or not you’d get what you wanted. BUT - if you were to place an order for "gluten-free pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, butter on top and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup on the side" - your chances of getting what you were REALLY craving all along is that much higher. How do you expect to get what you want our of life when you can't specify what "it" is?

    I believe people don't give SPECIFICS to their goals / dreams because deep down they don't truly believe they can happen! ‘Specifics are risky because they provide PROOF of success or failure - but they're the one thing the universe needs in order to deliver what you really want.’

    Video example: Ordering pancakes at your favorite brunch spot!

  2. Big - Hairy - Audacious Goals (BHAG's)
    Originally coined by James Collins and Jerry Porras in their 1994 book entitled Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies.

    If you find yourself with a goal that seems overwhelming (think getting into school, starting your own business or becoming a yogi) then break down your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) into smaller bites you can actually chew... lots of food-based examples in this email - *no complaints*.

    Use this process to map out gradual steps that’ll lead you to your final destination. If you’re applying for school - check out your university’s online to-do list and add due dates. Want to launch a biz? Google small business ‘to-do’s and write down a timeline for success. Interested in becoming a yogi? Register for an online training and sign up for weekly classes. Even the biggest things seem small when we break them down.

    Video example: Watching your #1 Netflix show (Stranger Things, duh...)

  3. Use feedback to track your progress!
    Let me make this clear: you WILL falter in some shape or form on the journey towards your goals... but that's OK. We inevitably fall back into bad habits, procrastinate or just make mistakes - this is the most endearing and honest truth about being human (not robots).

    It's also just one reason why I created the #FitFluence community in the first place… When people are serious about cutting the BS + meeting their goals - then feedback is an incredibly useful tool to staying accountable -- plus, if you ever falter - the community is here to pick you back up, lend an encouraging word or just empathize with the struggle.

    Remember - feedback doesn’t have to come from an outside party (although it’s helpful) -- you can always evaluate yourself by asking questions like ‘On a scale of 1-10, how much did I slay insert goal here_______? Or ‘What did I do awesomely this week? Where is there wiggle room to kick a little more ass next time?’

    Video example: The #Fitfluence Community for support!

Remember - HABITS are 100% in OUR control! 

Together we can change anything that isn't allowing you to live life to the absolute fullest - as the most authentic, powerful & happiest YOU

How to Get What You REALLY Want (Goal-Setting)