5 Best Tips for Fitness "Motivation" 🤜🏽

Look, I will NEVER “motivate you” for a few reasons 💭

#Motivation is, as our girl @melrobbinslive says, mostlyyyy garbage! It cannn get your a$$ moving if you’re already in the ‘mood’ to be motivated, but let’s face it most of us aren’t... because the reality is that we DO get tired, bored or distracted from our #goals - its human (even been to the gym on January 1st? Two weeks later + 90% of those people will STATISTICALLY have already given up on their fitness resolutions) 🤷🏻‍♀️

It works maybeeee 10% of the time but for the other 90 (aka when you’re exhausted A F + not jumping out of bed to get that 30 minute sweat sesh in), it’s a load of 🗑

But then how are you gonna be able to get your workouts in before work? 💪🏼

Or choose dressing on the side with your meal? 🥗

Or tell your partner you’d rather go on a walk with them then watch another episode of the Office for the fourth time (ok ok, after this one ends... because #Dwight) 📺

Well, that my friends is where DEDICATION + DISCIPLINE take precedent 🤜🏼

Because the truth is, you’re only ‘motivated’ when your 🧠 already feels like it! But the women in my #Fit #Gymdon’t log their 30 minutes of sweat before the kids wake up, or whip up their #healthy breakfast at home instead of wasting $ on a 🍩 (80% of the time at least) because I “motivated” them to...

So long story short, NO. No I will NOT motivate you. 🤦🏻‍♀️

BUT, I WILL teach you how to establish the #healthy habits, routines + accountability in your life to actually CHANGE what isn’t working, for REAL 🙏🏼

  1. STOP the hatin’

  2. SLAY that Soundtrack

  3. Find your TRIBE!

  4. Confront your COMMITMENT Issues

  5. Keep it f*cking REAL.

    Because your #goals, the kind of life you want to lead + the ONE body you get to live it in are worth wayyyy more than a bit of ‘motivation’ — and so are YOU 🙏🏼

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Deniz Sehovic