How to use the CAPTIVATE APP to GAIN FOLLOWERS on Instagram 📲


1. Select an #insta profile that has followers IN YOUR AUDIENCE (example: I picked my favorite Bachelorette contestant who has followers that are female, single, 20-30’s age range, young professionals etc.)

2. Go to their followers and scroll down a couple of times — click QUICK SELECT —then SELECT ALL (feel free to unblock on creeps or random accounts too)

3. Click FOLLOW (upper right hand corner) and from here you can do one of three things...

A) Follow Right Now (Instagram caps this at 40 people - but you can repeat it!)

B) Add to Local Queue (this is a PAID feature - but it’s only a one time fee of $4.99, and allows you to use Night Mode!)

C) Add to Cloud Queue (this gesture is one time fee of $9.99 and allows you to follow people throughout the day so you never cap out!)

NIGHT MODE: feel free to play around with the numbers here, see the full 🎥 for deats!

PRO-TIP: Don't be afraid to go local! Find a popular profile in your area (a blogger, favorite juice shop or boutique) who your target audience could be following + go from there!

Drop your Q’s below!